Sure Shots: Joel McHale joins Ted; Amber Heard talks Red Sonja

* As long as he's still got time for a little Chat Stew I don't care how many jobs Joel McHale takes. The host of The Soup and star of NBC's Community will now be hangin' out with Mark Wahlberg and Seth McFarlane voiced teddy bear. He's signed on for a role in Ted, McFarlane's comedy about a guy and his obnoxious sentient teddy bear. McHale will play a sleazy boss that repeatedly puts the moves on Mila Kunis's character. Nice work if you can get it. Deadline has even more details on this story.

* Please let this happen. Producer Avi Lerner has been beating the drum for Amber Heard ever since Red Sonja got back on track with Simon West as director. But we never actually heard what the sexy Drive Angry starlet thought about it. She tells Moviefone "I was sort of surprised to hear about it, yeah. I think (producer) Avi (Lerner) even said himself, "She doesn't know it yet." So I was surprised, but also it's something I've been looking at for a while and kind of interested in. I'm definitely interested in being a part of it, but that's all I can kind of comment on right now."  Could my obsession with Heard possibly get any stronger? Yes. Give her red hair and I won't be responsible for my actions!