The Sunday Drive: 2/27/11

3. Cedar Rapids
I could rightfully put Gnomeo & Juliet into this slot but I want people to seek out and find Cedar Rapids before it disappears from theaters. Starring Ed Helms(The Hangover) as a naive small town insurance salesman, sent to a conference in the bustling metropolis(not!) of Cedar Rapids for what turns out to be a weekend of debauchery.
2. Hall Pass
The Farrelly Brothers are back with their best, and dirtiest comedy in years. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis make for a hilarious pair as bored husbands playing the field during a guilt free week from marriage.  How many years do I have to wait before I get my 'hall pass'?

1. Drive Angry 3D
Was there ever any doubt? There's something to be said about a movie that knows exactly what it wants to be and who it's audience is. Drive Angry is a guilty pleasure, aspiring to be little more than another trashy B-movie vengeance thriller, but it does it so well! Nicolas Cage is a stone cold killer who escapes from Hell to exact revenge on the cult that killed his family and kidnapped his granddaughter. Amber Heard torches the screen as his sexy sidekick, but the real score is William Fichtner as Satan's overconfident bounty hunter, The Accountant.

DVD Pick of the Week: Fish Tank
Director Andrea Arnold struck gold when she discovered her fiery star, Katie Jarvis, on the street arguing with her boyfriend. It was the electricity and raw energy she saw in Jarvis that made her instantly cast the actress in her very first role. It's her power that charges this tough, often depressing look at the life of Mia Williams, a rebellious and tough girl living in an Essex ghetto. Her life is little more than a series of problematic interludes, arguments with her mother and bratty sister, or getting into fist fights with the local girls who hate her. But things really start to get serious when Mia gets tangled into a complicated and dangerous relationsip with her mother's new boyfriend(Michael Fassbender).