New Transformers: Dark of the Moon images! The series to continue without Michael Bay?

We've known that Sentinel Prime would be showing up in Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the supposed final chapter of the robots in disguise franchise(more on that in a bit). We caught a glimpse of him at the end of the teaser trailer, where he most closely Alpha Trion(one of the original Transformers).  Empire Magazine has a brand new shot of Sentinel Prime, as well as that of Optimus Prime lookin' badass.  The Prime image is above, but check out the rest below, courtesy of TFW2005...

 For those not totally up on their Transformers lore, Sentinel Prime was the Autobot who directly preceded Optimus Prime, responsible for handing over the Autobot Matrix of Leadership to him. He's briefly mentioned in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen by Spike Witwicky while under the spell of the All Spark.

Michael Bay has intended all along for this to be his Transformers swan song. Hey, the guy's got Taylor Lautner flicks to dangle over the studios' heads! No time for big shiny robots. Producer Brian Goldner was asked by MTV about the future of the franchise post-Bay, and while he doesn't outright say "Hell yeah we're truckin' on! Who needs that guy?!", he doesn't deny the possibility of more robot action to come....

"I would say to you right now that I’ve so enjoyed working with Michael Bay. (He) has got this incredible visual sense for showing you things you’ve never seen before. Perhaps he’ll change his mind, perhaps he won’t, but I’d rather put out this movie first then cross that bridge at some point."

In the past, Bay has seemed convinced that this final chapter ends in such a fantastic way that there may be no need for anymore movies. Or at the very least they'd have to be reboots. At this point I'd just be happy with an enjoyable, unspectacular effort to end on a decent note.