Lois Lane to appear in Superman afterall? Plus, the mystery female character is revealed!

After what seemed like a brand new Lois Lane rumor every single morning, they were all nearly rendered moot when the story broke that Alice Eve, Diane Kruger, and Rosamund Pike were up for an unknown female lead role in Zack Snyder's Superman flick. Since only Lois Lane could ever be the female lead in any story involving the Kryptonian, the assumption(and I was a party to it) was that she wouldn't be in the movie at all and that we can start the Lana Lang rumors instead. Well, Latino Review had a thing or two to say about that, and turns out we were wrong on pretty much every count...

The site notes an inside source who says not only that Lois Lane will be a part of the film, but that we can pretty much count on those actresses we've been harping about all week to be contenders. That list included Jessica Biel, Rachel McAdams, Malin Akerman, Olivia Wilde, and Dianna Agron.   Kristen Stewart was also on the list, but with her taking on Snow White and the Huntsman she's pretty much out of the picture.

So where does that leave Kruger, Pike, and Eve? Turns out the role they're vying for is that of Ursa, who some will remember as one of the evil Kryptonians from Superman II. The strange thing is, back in October Zack Snyder said that General Zod wasn't going to be the villain in his flick. It wouldn't make much sense to have Ursa without Zod, so maybe the script has been reworked? Or maybe Snyder was just pulling out legs?

Well now that we know what the role is, I'm thinking Rosamund Pike has the icy glare to make a perfect Ursa.