Josh Brolin says Men in Black 3 script is "Fantastic"

Call me crazy, but I think Brolin is blowin' smoke up our  butts here. A couple of weeks ago a story came out that production on Men in Black 3 had been pushed back due to some serious script problems.  The film had taken a two month hiatus and was due to pick back up this month before the trouble occurred. So was Barry Sonnenfeld's sci-fi comedy on the skids or what?  MTV had a chance to ask Josh Brolin about while on the red carpet at the Academy Awards....

Oh thank goodness. The poor reporter just needed to make sure it was ok. Has he got some HSX stock in Men in Black 3's success or something? What else was Brolin supposed to say? "Aww man, it's a total turd nugget of a script. Whoever wrote that thing should have their fingers pressed in a vice."  In case you couldn't see the video of Brolin's sh*t eating grin and obvious comments, here's how it went...

"No, no... It's good," Brolin told MTV News. "We're finally starting up again."

As for those rumors of script problems plaguing the 1969-era portion of the film, Brolin said everything is good to go now and everyone is... happy.

"The script is fantastic," he said. "We're very, very happy. I wish I could read you this email that Barry sent me. He's very happy, which makes me happy."

Men in Black 3 has a set release date of May 25th, 2012!