Joseph Gordon-Levitt in talks to join The Dark Knight Rises

This one's a quickie, mainly because it's something we've heard floated around for damn near a year it seems. Deadline is confirming that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is currently in talks to join Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. The two most recently worked together on Inception this past summer(along with Tom Hardy, also part of the cast).  JGL was at one time rumored to be playing The Riddler in the film, but with Catwoman and Bane already filling the villain void, The Riddler is a piece that simply wouldn't fit.

I've been saying for awhile that Catwoman and Bane can't stand alone as Batman's sole enemies. There has to be someone who is pulling their strings. Catwoman isn't likely to be solely an enemy anyway, as she's more of a misguided loner. Tom Hardy was once rumored to play the Bat-villain Hugo Strange, but it's a role JGL could easily fill as well. I expect if he signs on that's exactly the part he'll fill.