Glee's Ryan Murphy to direct Annie remake for Will Smith?

I guess this was pretty mucha given. Whereas a few years ago everybody was copycatting High School Musical, now anytime you see high schoolers doing anything remotely musical it's likely a riff on Glee. There's no denying that Ryan Murphy's TV series about a high school glee club has been a monumental success. Now his name is being bandied to bring some of that popularity to the big screen, as Deadline reports he's one of the names mentioned to direct a remake of Annie starring Willow Smith.

The talks are apparently very early on, but it's clear that Will Smith(who is producing along with Jay-Z) is looking to make his daughter a star on the same level as his son, Jaden, who struck gold last year in The Karate Kid.

I've only seen one episode of Glee, so I can't consider myself an expert, but I have seen Murphy's feature films Running With Scissors and Eat Pray Love, neither of which I dug.  A large part of the problem with both of those movies, such as the poor pacing and inconsistent tone, can be laid at his feet. Then again I have a lot of friends who swear by Murphy's Nip/Tuck as the greatest show ever, so maybe he's just better at episodic television than features?