From out of left field emerges Kevin Costner in Zack Snyder's 'Superman'

Yeah, that's a lame Field of Dreams joke. Or it's a  Bull Durham joke. Take your pick. I've been out of town all weekend and this was the only piece of news I saw for three days, from Deadline initially reporting that Zack Snyder was interested in Kevin Costner for an unspecified role in his Superman flick. Henry Cavill(The Tudors) was recently signed to play the Man of Steel.

So as soon as this news broke, thoughts of Costner as General Zod filled my head. With the news that a number of actresses were already up for the role of evil Kryptonian chick, Ursa, it made some sense.  But now Latino Review has squashed by dreams by reporting that if signed Costner would be up for playing Clark Kent's daddy, Jonathan Kent.

It's still an inspired selection, and further solidifies Snyder's approach of going in off beat directions for his casting choices.   I mean this is hardly Lindsay Lohan or anything, but I doubt many people expected to ever hear Costner's name mentioned in relation to a superhero movie, whether he's wearing tights or not.