Diane Kruger, Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike could be in the next Superman, but not as Lois Lane?

Ok, so this sorta ends the streak of daily Lois Lane casting rumors, but it does involve the female lead character in Zack Snyder's Superman. Wait, wouldn't that be Lois?  Well, maybe not, as Variety reports three names have emerged as potential candidates to join the superhero flick, which recently named Henry Cavill(The Tudors) as it's lead.  Those three are Diane Kruger(Troy), Rosamund Pike(An Education), and Alice Eve(She's Out of My League). 

The kicker is that none of them would be Lois Lane, which makes me think maybe this Superman is going to take place a bit earlier in Clark Kent's life, and that the role they might be up for is actually that of Lana Lang. While part of me will always see Kristin Kreuk as Lang, the character has always been associated as Clark's only other major love interest(there's Wonder Woman but that's another story). While she's mainly been associated with Smallville and the origins of Superman, in the comics she's moved on to Metropolis and currently is employed by the Daily Planet. So it wouldn't be totally out of the realm of possibility.

Variety also notes that Warner Brothers is looking to get somebody who doesn't overshadow Cavill, which could rule out the bigger names like Rachel McAdams and Jessica Biel. 

Not that we know jack about the script yet, but I hope they aren't going to leave Lois completely out of the picture. They could just be setting up some sort of love triangle, and maybe two of these actresses could make the cut. It's just impossible to tell right now, although if I'm speculating on someone to play Lana Lang, then my first guess would be that it goes to Alice Eve. She's young, hot, has a spunk to her that I think Pike and Kruger lack. Coming off the snooze fest of Superman Returns, and no offense to Kate Bosworth but she was hella dull, I think Warner Brothers is going to be looking for an actress with energy to spare.