As predicted, Jon Chu to direct GI Joe 2

Once underway, it didn't take long for Paramount decide on a director to take over the reins of their sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Previous director Stephen Sommers wasn't brought back after a perceived difficult shoot last time, and about two weeks ago we started hearing details on a possible replacement. The three names considered were Jaume Collet-Serra, F. Gary Gray, and Jon Chu.  Chu seemed like the oddball pick, but three days ago we ran a story featuring some Chu quotes that led me to conclude that he'd already won the gig.  Turns out I was right. 

Deadline has the story, noting that the deal isn't quite sealed yet Chu is definitely their choice. One look at the interview and the things Chu had to say and it's clear he has a deep rooted love for GI Joe. I think if he can find a way to make the film less campy and toughen it up a little(while still maintaing it's PG-13 tone), then it'll be a success.