3 directors on shortlist for GI Joe sequel

Ever since Stephen Sommers was honorably discharged(or dishonorably depending on who you ask) from directing the sequel to GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, there hasn't been much talk about who would take over the reins. Well that's over now as Latino Review notes three names that are apparently at the top of Paramount's list to take over the gig. 

The choices are F. Gary Gray(The Italian Job), Jaume Collet-Serra(Orphan), and...oh my goodness...Jon Chu(Justin Bieber: Never Say Never).

I have to assume that last one is just a really cruel prank. Out of the three, Gray is the best action director and I hope he has the inside track. Then again if the plan is to shoot the film in 3D, Chu has the most experience with it thanks to the Bieber flick and Step Up 3D.