Extreme Rumor!! John Cena to replace Christian Bale as Batman?

Before you even ask: No, I don't take this at all seriously but I'm putting it out there because...well, it's John Cena and what if it actually came true? It'd be insane. Awhile back a rumor floated around that the multi-time WWE champion and star of such high class cinema as The Marine and 12 Rounds was on a list of possible contenders to play the Man of Steel in Zack Snyder's relaunch. I didn't see that news until after the fact and just sorta left it alone thinking it would die a quiet death. 

Well, it did but rumors are a lot likezombies. They have a tendency to spring back to life when you least expect it. Now comes word that "some" are mentioning Cena's name as a possible replacement for Christian Bale when the actor walks away from the role after The Dark Knight Rises. Director Christopher Nolan has made it clear he would be stepping away as well.  Cena has gained some measure of begrudging acknowledgement of his acting skills for his performance in Legendary(which you might've missed if you sneezed or something), but this would be a HUGE step forward for him.

Now bear in mind that this story comes from The Examiner. No offense to my friends who I know work for The Examiner, but the guy who wrote the story provides no source. No proof. No nothing. It's the classic "Some say" story. I don't buy it for a second.  Just because he was mentioned for one superhero flick does not mean he's up for every other flick from the same studio.

Cena would make a pretty cool Bane, though, if they ever decided to go in that direction. Then again the last time Bane was seen in a Bat flick it didn't go so well....