Snyder says General Zod NOT the villain in Superman. At least not yet

Not long after it was revealed that Zack Snyder(Watchmen) would be taking the reins of Warner Brothers' relaunch of the Superman franchise, THR broke a story that the villain in the film would be General Zod. Superman did battle with Zod and his evil Kryptonian mates in Superman's 1 & 2. 

According to Snyder himself, those plans are hardly set in stone. In an interview with BadTaste, he had this to say...

Question: You were recently chosen as the director of Superman. What have you done to defeat other talented directors and what are you planning to do with this new version?

Zack Snyder: I'm not sure what I've done, it wasn't like a run race, which would have been easier to do. Anyway, I think that you have to do your best to describe this world and that the character of Superman needs to be relevant again, without disrespecting his mithology. That's my goal.

Question: The general Zod will be the villain of the movie or it's just a rumour?

Zack Snyder: For
now it's just a rumour.

This doesn't mean it won't eventually happen. What it tells me is that David Goyer's script might not be as nailed down as we thought, and that changes could be afoot. Or THR was blowin' smoke. We'll just have to wait and see how it shakes out. While I like the idea of Zod being the villain(because it allows Lex Luthor to be a background character for awhile) it would be better to have a character we haven't seen before. Start this thing off truly fresh.