Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut details Revealed!

We kinda knew it was coming, and even though we knew it, some of us(like me) still went ahead and bought Watchmen on DVD anyway like a bunch of maroons. Now Warner Bros. is releasing the details for the Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut on Blu-Ray and DVD. And it's glorious!

Set to release on November 3rd, the 4 Disc Blu-Ray and 5-Disc DVD include the complete, 358 minute(!!!!) director's cut, with the animated Tales of the Black Freighter woven into the story. It also features all of the unedited and deleted scenes taken out of the theatrical cut. Over 2 hours of bonus material, including an audio commenary by Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons, and other stuff we've already seen in the regular DVD edition. Pre-orders begin on September 29th.

Dude. 358 minutes? That's like watching Walking Tall 5 friggin' times. Not that I could stand to watch Walking Tall even another minute, but you get my point. That's one long ass movie. To watch it, you'd have to take off from work, mark "busy" on your calandar, set aside time to have meals delivered, and possibly wear one of those astronaut flightsuits with the toilet installed. That's just crazy.