Highlander Reboot Lands 'Furious' Director

A few months ago we had reported on the script for the upcoming Highlander reboot, to be spearheaded over at Summit studios. Well now it appears the project continues to run smoothly as Fast and Furious director Justin Lin has officially signed on to helm the project. Highlander tells the story of a group of immortals, destined to engage in single combat against eachother until only one remains. The original Highlander was released in 1986 and starred Sean Connery(as a Spaniard!!!) and Christopher Lambert. Numerous sequels were released afterwards, including a long running TV show(which kicked ass).

Justin Lin is a good choice, as he's already shown he's got a knack for high octane action/adventure franchises. I still have some concern about the script, which seems to miss the point of what Highlander is supposed to be about, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.