Review: Disney's Big Hero 6!

Based on the Marvel Comics superheroes!

Review: Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Does Interstellar live up to the incredible hype?

Toby Kebbell Talks 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Doctor Doom is a what now??


Geek Goodies: 'The Matrix' Pop Vinyl Action Figures

Starting on Black Friday we're going to begin highlighting (and giving away) some awesome items from our friends over at Entertainment Earth, but let's get things started off early with this bad boy right here. In fact, he's the ultimate bad boy, Neo from The Matrix! It only took them years but Funko has finally taken the blue pill and given us The Matrix Pop Vinyl action figures we've been dying for. And of course it all begins and ends with Keanu Reeves as Neo, who looks like he just learned that there is no spoon! *mind blown* The rest of this first wave includes Trinity, Morpheus, and of course Agent Smith. These can be pre-ordered now for only $9.99 and will ship as soon as they are released next March.

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 'The Matrix' Neo Pop! Vinyl Action Figure
 'The Matrix' Trinity Pop! Vinyl Action Figure
'The Matrix' Morpheus Pop! Vinyl Action Figure
'The Matrix' Agent Smith Pop! Vinyl Action Figure

Box Office: 'Mockingjay' Hits a Bullseye with $275M Worldwide Debut

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1- $123M
It may have become a bit too easy to brush off The Hunger Games as just another YA franchise, but those who do are missing the historical significance of what it is accomplishing. The third film Mockingjay, the first of the two-part finale, opened this weekend with $123M. Now while that's lower than the $152M of The Hunger Games and the $158M of 'Catching Fire', the amazing thing is that we're talking about three $100M+ debuts in a row. No other franchise in history has accomplished that, which is pretty amazing. To show just how wide and deep the audience for these movies is, Mockingjay blew up overseas with an additional $152M giving it $275M globally. With a start like that we could be looking at the one film left on the calendar with a shot at surpassing Guardians of the Galaxy.
2. Big Hero 6- $20M/$135.7M
3. Interstellar- $15.1M/$120.6M
4. Dumb and Dumber To- $13.8M/$57.4M
Nostalgia can only stretch so far, and in the case of Dumb and Dumber To it couldn't go beyond the first weekend. The Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reunion slid 61% and out of first place with $13.8M.
5. Gone Girl- $2.8M/$156.8M
6. Beyond the Lights- $2.6M/$10.1M
7. St. Vincent- $2.3M/$36.6M
8. Fury- $1.9M/$79.1M
9. Birdman- $1.8M/$14.4M
10. Nightcrawler- $1.2M/$27.1M

'Jurassic World' Trailer Tease Offers First Footage of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard

Next summer, Jurassic World will be open for business, and the teasers are already starting to stomp their way onto the Internet. A couple of days ago a teaser emerged on Universal's Spanish website and was quickly taken down, a good thing because it was pretty terrible. But fortunately today comes the real thing, and it harkens back to the early days of Jurassic Park while giving us a peek at the future.

Utilizing a version of John Williams' unforgettable score, this footage give us a glimpse at new stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, while setting up the full trailer's release on Thursday, November 27th during NBC football. The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow, who may not be a household name after making his debut on Safety Not Guaranteed a couple of years ago, but that may be about to change.

So now you've got another reason to watch football on Turkey Day. Jurassic World opens June 12th 2015.

Robert Downey Jr. Circles Late Steve McQueen Project, 'Yucatan'

Here's something you may have forgotten about because I sure as heck did. A few years ago Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, producer Susan Downey, picked up the rights to Yucatan, a project developed by the late actor Steve McQueen. McQueen had developed a treatment for the treasure hunt film back in the '60s before he died, but now it looks like Downey may be taking it on as a starring vehicle for himself.

Deadline reports that Yucatan is moving forward now with a script by Pirates of the Caribbean's Terry Rossio. The project is based on the 1700 pages of notes written by McQueen, but all we really know is that it involves “a renegade salvage expert’s search for Mayan treasure in the Yucatan Peninsula.”  This sounds like just the kind of big tentpole project Downey loves, and since Warner Bros. is backing it just as they have his two Sherlock Holmes films we know it will have a ton of studio support.

Clearly, Downey is excited about this one as we tweeted this image of Team Downey piecing together the screenplay's components...

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer May Debut This Week; Is This the First Look?

The Thanksgiving week is generally a quiet one for news, but we may be on the verge of something huge. Over the last few days there was been a constant buzz about the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What might it contain? When will we see it? Well there are some new rumors about both of those things, but let's start with what we may be seeing in it.

The folks over at fansite Making Star Wars posted the below GIF that they say could be a shot from the upcoming teaser. Why is this significant? Well, it dovetails nicely with recent comments made by Badass Digest that the trailer would end with the Millennium Falcon headed straight for us. It looks a little cheap and unfinished, certainly not the kind of thing we'd expect from J.J. Abrams (not enough lens flares!!), so maybe this is just an easily-constructed fake.

Whether this is real or not there's still the matter of when the trailer may debut. While earlier stories suggested it could be in front of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, that's not going to be the case. Slashfilm's sources are saying we will see it during the Thanksgiving week in a limited number of theaters. A Reddit story goes even further, saying it will be a 90-second preview at only 100 theaters in front of every single showtime.

So what will it be? Maybe just go to the movies all day every day and cross our fingers? Anything not to miss the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage.

Nicole Kidman Searches the Australian Outback in Tense 'Strangerland' Trailer

It's been a rough couple of years for Nicole Kidman as she's no longer the automatic awards contender she used to be. Grace of Monaco got ripped savagely after opening at Cannes, The Railway Man didn't fare much better (it was awful), and while I enjoyed Before I Go to Sleep audiences didn't bother to check it out. There's at least one film on the horizon that may be more of what we expect from her and it's the new Aussie thriller, Strangerland, and now there's a haunting new trailer for it.

Marking the directorial debut by Kim Farrant with Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes co-starring, the film centers on a couple's desperate search to find their children who went missing in the harsh Australian outback. This is exactly the kind of role Kidman is great at and we haven't seen nearly enough from her lately, so hopefully Strangerland will get U.S. distribution soon.

Strangerland by


Cinema Royale #84- The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

After a week away Cinema Royale is back and so is Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay! The "Cinema Siren" +Leslie Combemale  dials in to review the anticipated first chapter of The Hunger Games finale! Plus, we'll take a look at Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher starring Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, and Mark Ruffalo.

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Martin Campbell Reportedly Sought to Direct 'G.I. Joe 3'

The first two G.I. Joe films have combined for $675M worldwide, but do they seem like one Hollywood's top franchises? Hardly; in fact Paramount continues to try and find just the right formula, one that will appease diehard fans and lure in casual audiences.  Simply adding Dwayne Johnson into the mix for G.I. Joe: Retaliation was a good start, but as they gear up for G.I. Joe 3 the next step is going to have to involve a new director, and it may be Casino Royale's Martin Campbell.

According to a rumor over at Schmoes Know, Campbell is Paramount's top choice to direct the untitled G.I. Joe film, with early talks already taking place. Jon M. Chu was at the helm for the second installment and, as a longtime fan of the G.I. Joe toys, he sought to make the film as close to what he remembered as possible. He did a pretty good job with it in my opinion, and it would have been preferable for if he stayed on board. Campbell is a very different kind of director, one that I don't think necessarily meshes well with what makes G.I. Joe work. Sure, Campbell can do darker material like Casino Royale or Edge of Darkness, but he also directed Green Lantern and the two Zorro movies which were pretty terrible.G.I. Joe needs to be both grounded and a little silly, and Campbell isn't the right guy for finding that kind of balance.

The bigger question is who will re-enlist for another G.I. Joe mission. Johnson is expected to return as Roadblock and will probably have a larger presence, but what about Bruce Willis or Channing Tatum? Previous rumors suggested some of the first film's cast could also return, while we've also seen clues suggesting the storyline will focus heavily on Snake Eyes' ninja clan.  Right now the film has a script by Jonathan Lemkin (The Devil's Advocate) and a possible release date in 2016.

Olivia Thirlby heads to Antarctica in Trailer for 'Red Knot'

Red Knot is a film that I shot in Antarctica almost three years ago on a boat", Olivia Thirlby told Collider about her upcoming film, Red Knot. "It was a film that was improvised and it had very interesting circumstances while making the film, obviously.We were on a small boat bobbing around in Antarctica.  It was a really remarkable experience.  The filmmaker, his name is Scott Cohen, has taken several years to craft the footage that we shot into the film that it is now.  But it seems that it is finally coming together and I am very excited about it.  It is a very small non-narrative drama about a young married couple going through problems in their marriage and it takes place on a boat in Antarctica, which is kind of remarkable.”

With so few opportunities to see the terrific Thirlby on the silver screen we should probably hold it against Cohen for taking so long completing the film, but if she's excited about it then so am I. Red Knot is on the verge of release in just a couple of weeks and now the first trailer for it has arrived. Thirlby stars alongside Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser and Billy Campbell (Gods and Generals) in the story of a couple who see their relationship crumbling while on a cruise to Antarctica. 

It's an interesting contrast considering I just saw Thirlby in 5 to 7 (review here), another relationship film about the propensity of couples to stray from spouses. Red Knot is considerably more serious on the subject, though, and combined with the gorgeous cinematography it looks like one to keep an eye out for.

Red Knot will get a limited run beginning December 5th. 

'Dallas Buyers Club' Director Takes Over Janis Joplin Biopic starring Amy Adams

Want to know who is on one Hell of a roll right now? Jean-Marc Vallee, who helped take Matthew McConaughey to his first Oscar with Dallas Buyers Club, and has Reese Witherspoon possibly earning her next award for Wild. Basically, he knows how to pull the best from his actors, and now we're going to see what he can do for Amy Adams in the long-gestating Janis Joplin biopic.

Okay, this news has been making the rounds for awhile but is now confirmed that Vallee will direct the film on rock 'n roll legend. Adams has long been on board to play Joplin while the search for a director saw Lee Daniels and Fernando Meirelles briefly attached. Titled Get It While You Can and due to be given a rewrite by Dallas Buyers Club writers Craig Borten and Melissa Wallack, the story will follow the fast-living singer/songwriter who became known as the "Queen of Psychedelic Soul" during her brief but legendary career.

Vallee just wrapped up the Jake Gyllenhaal-led film, Demolition, and will begin work on the Joplin film in mid-2015.