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Marvel To Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame' With The "We Love You 3000" National Tour

While Avengers: Endgame is starting to wind down at the box office, the push towards the Bluray/DVD home release is ramping up big time. In celebration of the July 30th arrival on digital and physical release on August 30th, Marvel Studios has announced directors the Russo Brothers for a 9-city North American tour titled "We Love You 3000".

The tour obviously gets its name from the instantly-unforgettable words spoken by both Morgan Stark and her heroic father, Tony Stark. This is a way for Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as Marvel, to express gratitude to the fans for their long-running support that has Endgame just $7M behind Avatar for the all-time box office record.

The tour begins later this week at San Diego Comic-Con where the Russos will be hosting their own Hall H panel, and wraps up next month at D23. Fans can expect exclusive giveaways, including Funko Pops, special meet and greets, and city-specific events.

For complete information on the tour, simply go here.

Here's the complete list of tour stops:


July 20 - SAN DIEGO, Comic-Con International - Directors Anthony & Joe Russo, Writers Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and a special guest from the MCU
July 30 - EVERETT, WA, Funko HQ – to be announced
Aug. 8 - SAN FRANCISCO, Giants vs. Phillies at Oracle Park - Directors Anthony & Joe Russo at the San Francisco Giants’ Marvel Night
Aug. 13 - MIAMI, Best Buy store – to be announced   
Aug. 13 - CHICAGO, Best Buy store - Directors Anthony & Joe Russo            
Aug. 13 - TORRANCE, CA, Best Buy store – to be announced                                  
Aug. 14 - MINNEAPOLIS, Best Buy store - Directors Anthony & Joe Russo  
Aug. 20 - CLEVELAND, Best Buy store - Directors Anthony & Joe Russo
Aug. 23-25 - ANAHEIM, CA, D23 Expo 2019- to be announced

'Angel Of Mine' Trailer: Grief-Stricken Noomi Rapace Believes Another Woman's Child Is Hers

Some advice to parents: naming your daughter "Lizzie" is never a good idea. In the upcoming thriller Angel of Mine, Noomi Rapace plays yet another in a long line of unhinged folks named Lizzie, this one who believes another woman's child really belongs to her.

As seen in the new trailer, Rapace stars as a grieving mother whose pain turns to obsession when she spies the daughter of a neighbor, played by Yvonne Strahovski, and comes to believe the little girl is her own. Luke Evans shows up as Lizzie's ex-husband, who is about to take her other child in a custody battle, helping to trigger the woman's descent into madness.

The film is directed by Kim Farrant with a script co-written by Lion screenwriter Luke Davies and David Regal. Interestingly, Farrant's previous film was 2015's Strangerland starring Nicole Kidman, which dealt with a mother whose two children suddenly vanish. Seems Farrant has found a subject of interest and is sticking close to it.

Angel of Mine will have its premiere at the Melbourne Film Festival, before hitting theaters and VOD on August 30th.

'Night Hunter' Trailer: Henry Cavill And Ben Kingsley Track A Serial Killer

Both on TV and in the movies, people are obsessed with police investigations and, in particular, they love a good manhunt for a serial killer. Night Hunter (which was titled Nomis just a month ago) looks to appeal to those movie fans with a film that is clearly drawing some inspiration from Se7en, The Silence of the Lambs, and many others, while offering a cast that includes Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley, and Alexandra Daddario. Not bad at all.

Cavill stars as a dogged detective who teams up with a former judge-turned-vigilante to track down a serial killer who targets women. However, they soon realize that capturing him is only the beginning. The film marks the directorial debut of David Raymond, who has cast Brendan Fletcher, Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion, and Minka Kelly in supporting roles.

Night Hunter gets an exclusive DirecTV run beginning August 8th, followed by theatrical and VOD on September 6th.


DC Readers: Attend A Free Early Screening Of Batman Prequel Series 'Pennyworth'

We're happy to offer our DC readers the chance to attend a free early screening of the new Epix series Pennyworth, the action starring Jack Bannon as Bruce Wayne's loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth, a former British SAS soldier who forms a security company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge), Bruce’s billionaire father, in 1960’s London.

The 10-episode, 1-hour drama is exec-produced by Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon, who previously collaborated on Gotham.

If you'd like to attend, simply go to the Gofobo screening site here. Please remember that all screenings are first come first served and you will need to arrive early to ensure seating. Enjoy the show!

Pennyworth premieres on Epix on July 28th.

Greta Gerwig And Noah Baumbach Are Writing Margot Robbie's 'Barbie' Film

On the unexpected news front, it doesn't get much more surprising than this. Hollywood has long been trying to put together a Barbie movie, with some big names attached over the years. Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway have been attached at different points, but right now it's Margot Robbie who is set to play the most famous doll in history. With that kind of star power, this can't be just another movie about a toy, and with the new writers who just came aboard it most definitely won't be.

Variety repots that Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach are on board to co-write the Barbie movie, with Warner Bros. hoping Gerwig will stick around and direct. This is just bizarre news, as the indie duo hardly seem like they'd want to be part of something like this, but maybe that's the brilliance behind it? Gerwig has gone from indie darling to mainstream force with Lady Bird and her upcoming Little Women ensemble, and she has a voice that will certainly speak to the empowering female themes this Barbie will promote. Baumbach and Gerwig have teamed up on scripts before, including Mistress America and Frances Ha.

Gerwig is busy wrapping up on Little Women, while Baumbach has an untitled Netflix film with Adam Driver coming up. If Barbie is really going to happen, this may be the best/last shot.

'Vita & Virigina' Trailer: Gemma Arterton And Elizabeth Debicki Bring To Life The Love Story Of Vita Sackville-West And Virigina Woolfe

After making waves at TIFF last September, Vita & Virginia has been steadily making the rounds at festivals from Nantucket to Munich.

Gemma Arterton is Vita Sackville-West, a poet and novelist who also had a widely-read column in The Observer. One of her best-known works, The Portrait of a Marriage, was a memoir that wasn't published until after her death. Elizabeth Debicki is Virginia Woolfe, one of the most prolific female writers of the first half of the 20th century.

Vita & Virginia tells the story of their love affair in the 1920s. Their affair wasn't a secret at the time, but the details and the basis for this film come from the letters the two wrote to each other during their relationship and later, when it became more of a friendship.

Isabella Rosselini plays Vita's mother, Lady Sackville.

IFC Films seems like a good home for this one. A period romantic drama from an up-and-coming director, Chanya Button, fits well in their slate. And in a year that has seen the truth come to light about Emily Dickinson, 2019 seems like a perfect time to learn more about this relationship too.

Vita & Virginia will be in limited release on August 23.

'Super Size Me 2' Trailer: Morgan Spurlock Is Calling Bullsh*t On "Healthy" Fast Food

I don't think it can be denied the influence Morgan Spurlock's documentary Super Size Me had on changing the fast food industry. You may recall it was 13 years ago that Spurlock burst on the scene by eating McDonald's for every meal for a month, and the experiment damn near killed him. Now, that same industry has radically shifted into promoting so-called "healthy" options, which each chain fighting to prove they are the healthiest. Spurlock is calling bullshit on that with his new sequel, Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!, and once again he's putting himself right in the middle of the controversy.

In Super Size Me 2, Spurlock takes on the fast food restaurants promoting themselves as healthy, and to do that he's going to open his own chicken restaurant from the ground up. Along the way, Spurlock exposes the lies behind the industry in hopes of creating a food experience that can truly be seen as healthy. And because this is Spurlock, he does it with his own style of humor that, admittedly, isn't everyone's cup of tea. Consider me a fan, though.

SYNOPSIS: In the 13 years since SUPER SIZE ME, the fast-food industry has undergone a makeover. Today, chain restaurants tout food that’s “healthy,” “organic,” and “natural.” Filmmaker MORGAN SPURLOCK explores this new reality with an approach even more immersive and subversive than that used for his first film: he sets out to open his own chicken franchise. We follow him every step of the way, from raising poultry and conjuring recipes to designing the brand and scouting a location. Spurlock brings his disarming humor to uncover the truths and lies behind this multibillion-dollar industry.

Super Size Me 2 hits theaters and VOD on September 13th, which is in itself news. The film opened to rave reviews at TIFF a couple of years ago and was picked up by YouTube Red for a few million bucks. However, an admission he was "part of the problem" in the early weeks of the #MeToo movement got the film dropped, and it hung in limbo for months. Looks like a new distributor has been found, and it'll be interesting to see what role Spurlock plays in any promotions.

'3 From Hell' Trailer: Rob Zombie's Deadly Trio Are Back And Ready To Party

Rob Zombie's favorite trio of sadistic killers is back! Following on the story that began in House of 1000 Corpses and then followed by The Devil's Rejects, Otis, Captain Spaulding, and Baby Firefly return to cause more havoc in 3 From Hell.

It's tough to tell what the trio, comprised of Bill Moseley, Sid Haid, and Sherri Moon Zombie, will be doing other than spreading chaos. The prior film ended as they drove dead straight into their apparent demise, but clearly, they survived and are ready to party in the only way they know how.

I've said before these movies aren't really my jam, but one thing I dug about The Devil's Rejects was how different it was from House of 1000 Corpses. Expect Zombie to flip the script once again when 3 From Hell opens later this year.

'Paradise Hills' Trailer: Emma Roberts, Awkwafina, And Milla Jojovich Are Trapped In A Mysterious Utopia

I don't recall a damn thing about Paradise Hills. It was apparently at Sundance this year...? And somehow it slipped my attention, which is weird because it stars Emma Roberts. And Awkwafina. And Danielle Macdonald. And Milla Jojovich. And Eiza Gonzalez. They're all pretty high on my list of favorite actresses. So the movie, which looks like a weird puzzle box of a thriller, must not have made many waves, which by no means lessens my interest in it now.

In Paradise Hills, Roberts stars as a woman who awakens on a mysterious island resembling something out of Alice in Wonderland. She soon learns this place is a boarding school where women like her go to be perfected, but beyond the island's beauty is something sinister. Shocker!

Making her directorial debut is Alice Waddington, known for her acclaimed short Disco Inferno. She's assembled quite a cast for this one, with many of her stars on the verge of new phases in their career. Roberts has been in a rut of late but looks to break out of that with this and the mysterious Blumhouse thriller The Hunt; Awkwafina is being talked about for awards due to her dramatic breakthrough in The Farewell, while Macdonald is coming off roles in Dumplin' and Bird Box.

Paradise Hills hits theaters and digital on November 1st.

"No Time Table" For 'Venom' Sequel, Says Sony Producer Amy Pascal

Shockingly, Sony is being very cautious when it comes to a Venom sequel. That's surprising given the previous film's huge $856M box office and wild support from audiences, who really dug Tom Hardy's bizarre performance. But we haven't seen Sony rush into doing another one, and while a date for an "untitled Marvel film" has been set for October 2020, producer Amy Pascal is keeping quiet on if that date is legit.

Speaking with, Pascal praised Hardy's performance in Venom, then refused to spill the beans on a sequel...

“Tom Hardy’s Venom was absolutely, bar none, unbelievable. He is so good. Nobody else could be that character.”

Pascal went on to confirm that a sequel is "in the works", but when asked about a time table her response was simply “No time table.”

It's possible the October 2020 date is for something else, but that wouldn't make sense given the success Venom had in October 2018. The only other Sony Marvel project they have coming up is Jared Leto's Morbius, which arrives in July 2020. So unless there's some secret Marvel film Sony has begun work on, because production would need to start very soon to make a 2020 release, we have to assume one of two things. Either Venom 2 is due to begin very shortly, or that date isn't set in stone and may get pushed back.